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Pennsylvania Green Burials

A Green Burial, also known as Natural Burial, is defined as a disposition in which the deceased’s body is returned to the earth naturally. It is often looked at as the body being recycled into a new life without the use of any metal caskets, concrete vaults, and embalming chemicals.

We proudly offer Green Burials in Pennsylvania. Green burial is not a new idea, it has been carried on for thousands of years until the late 19th century. Green Burial is an alternative burial solution that is environmentally friendly, assists in conserving and sustaining Earth.

Our mission is to offer an alternative burial solution such as Green Burials & Green Funerals that assist in using less energy and create less waste than conventional burials. Each green burial supports this mission in preserving and restoring our sacred Earth.

We offer...

  • Green Burial Council certified shrouds.
  • Green Burial Council certified caskets.
  • Assistance with coordinating and setup with Natural Burial Grounds.
  • Formaldehyde-free embalming.
  • Green Funerals
  • Green Cremation Services

*Custom variations of green burials are available for the convenience of all families


green burial options

A natural burial (or green burial) is a simplified and natural way of returning the body to the earth. Natural Burials are low impact, use less energy, and consume fewer resources than traditional burials. 'Going green' often does not involve embalming and is instead focused on making more natural choices such as simple, biodegradable caskets.

If you have decided upon natural burial in a green cemetery, then you'll choose a naturally-finished casket made of biodegradable materials or a simple shroud. Some green cemeteries require that the selected casket, urn or shroud are made from materials that are biodegradable, non-toxic and harvested in a sustainable manner. 

green burial caskets

These caskets are constructed of renewable Northeastern hardwoods, contain no metal parts and use only biodegradable glues and finishes. They are approved by the Green Burial Council and are suitable for burial or green cremation.  Green caskets are designed to move the funeral and burial process to a greener and more human-centered place. We can only achieve this through continuous attention to the environmental impact of our products and practices and by attentively listening to our client's ideas for meaningful ceremony.

what is green burial?

Green burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health,and the restoration ​and/or preservation of habitat. 


Green Burial Council

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