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Cremation with Integrity & Care

There are many factors that influence the choice of a funeral home for cremation, such as reputation, integrity, service, reviews, standards of care and price. If you take everything into consideration, you will find us to be an excellent selection and an excellent value. Our level of service, standards and ceremonies are truly exceptional.

While we cannot speak to the standards and procedures of other firms, we can speak to the confidence about the care, respect, and dignity provided to all the families we are privileged to serve.

We encourage you to call and ask the other providers, if they have some or any of these standards in writing for you to review.

We offer the highest level of service and treat your loved one, as if they were a member of our own family.

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One... Commitment to A Code of Ethics

While your loved one is entrusted to our care, the staff at our funeral home adheres to a strict Cremation Code of Ethics providing an unmatched level of dignity, respect for your loved ones and peace of mind for our clients. For your peace of mind, a member of our staff will transport your loved one to the crematory, witness the start of the cremation process and return the cremated remains to the funeral home or your home.

Two... Protecting Personal Identity

To safeguard the security and identity of your loved one, an identification band is placed on your loved one as soon as they come into the care of the funeral home and a permanent stainless steel identification medallion with a one-of-a-kind number is placed with them by the crematory staff. Your loved one is bathed, hair washed and combed, shaved, and made presentable for the private family identification. If embalming is not chosen, your loved one is placed into on-site refrigeration at our facility, which is not always present at other facilities.

Three... Electronic Documentation

A fingerprint of your loved one is also recorded and stored in their permanent case file and electronically. The family can request access to the fingerprint at any time.

Four... Private Family Identification

Prior to the cremation, a time will be set up for the family, or someone appointed by the family, to come in and positively identify your loved one in a reposing bed or cremation container selected by the family. Our staff will take the time and care to have your loved one dressed in clothing provided by the family and prepared with basic cosmetics. is also serves as a time to say your goodbyes to your loved one. At the family’s request, photo identification may also be utilized. e reposing bed is available at no additional charge to use whether for a private family good-bye, a public viewing or ceremony. We have set these standards to ensure dignity and respect for your loved one.

Five... Verification of paperwork

All the cremation paperwork will be reviewed by a licensed funeral director and a CANA certified or industry certified technician to verify that all the necessary authorizations and permits have been obtained and properly documented. This includes proper authorization by the next of kin, a copy of the death certificate, a state permit, our cremation worksheet, and coroner’s permit, if required in your area.

Six... Our Own Crematory

The experienced crematory that we have selected to use is the one that met our high standards of care, follows strict operating policies, and works side by side with us to ensure the process. For some faiths, it is customary to witness the placement of your loved one into the cremation chamber and to start the cremation unit. We welcome all families to inspect the crematory and/or witness the cremation process. All cremations are performed individually to meet our high level of standards and care.

Seven... Cremation Control Book and Process

The crematory maintains a cremation control book. Upon taking your loved one to the crematory, the funeral director and crematory staff¬ will record their name, identification number, date and time of cremation and the crematory operator’s name. Our staff witnesses a stainless-steel medallion with a one-of-a-kind identification number placed in the cremation chamber with your loved one that stays with them through the entire process. A cremation worksheet is placed outside the crematory unit as a secondary safeguard to ensure the process and identity.

Eight... After the Cremation

Once the cremation is complete, the cremated remains along with the stainless-steel identification medallion are processed and placed into the urn or any other container selected by the family. An identification card will also be kept in the crematory’s records.

Nine... Creating a Meaningful Tribute

We can also assist in arranging a meaningful funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life service before or after the cremation which will reflect the life of your loved one, allowing friends and family to honor your loved one. We offer more cremation choices and options than other rms. We include a custom created DVD tribute video that can be used as part of the service. We also have Certified Celebrants, on staff that can create a meaningful, personalized service, if clergy is not preferred.

Ten... Return of the Cremated Remains

The funeral home will coordinate a time with the family to receive the cremated remains. During this time, we will provide a relaxing setting in which to receive the urn where you may spend some time quietly reflecting or we will deliver to your home, if preferred, if our services don’t conclude at a cemetery.

Eleven... Our Promise

Our staff is courteous and sympathetic; our facilities comfortable and spotless, our services are handled with warmth, dignity, and respect. Our staff will assist with handling all insurance, veterans, and social security paperwork. And we offer free notary service to the families we serve.

Twelve... Exclusive Written Guarantee

If there is any item of the funeral home’s professional services or facilities that you are not completely satisfied with, there is no charge for that item of service. We take the risk out of selecting a provider.

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